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Our Cleaning Process


Natural and Safe Product

Our blast media, also known as Kieserite, is a unique mineral imported from Germany.  Kieserite is classified as all natural, soft, water-soluble, silica and toxic metal-free, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-sparking.  It works well in many situations, but one of the best is for fountain and pool projects as well as any other environment which requires a neutral pH solution.  It is extremely safe and effective for removing calcium and scale deposits.  Unlike other pool tile cleaning methods which involve dangerous chemicals, the results are faster and cleanup is much easier.  And, it's safe to swim as soon as you finish!

(Kieserite is even used as a fertilizer in Europe and will not harm any surrounding landscaping). 


Our meticulous and thorough calcium removal process utilizes the eco-friendly Kieserite (see above) along with compressed air to gently remove the calcium buildup and hard water stains on your pool tile or stone.  This custom designed delivery system is effective for both full or empty pools.  Now is the time to get rid of that unsightly buildup without damage to your tile or grout.  Contact us today for a Free Quote!